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About the Brand Maturity Model

We know that companies that are brand-driven achieve higher business growth, higher market-share, and possess a critical strategic and financial asset needed to win, retain and serve customers.

However with customer touchpoints and brand experiences being delivered across entire organizations, everyone - not just marketing - must drive brand equity through delivering a great customer experience across messages, actions, and products.

So we created the Brand Maturity Model - based on business processes, business maturity, and team maturity - to be a measurable development model used to help our clients assess current capabilities for their own brands, and outline an improvement path forwards.

After months of development, we’ve come up with 5 simple phases to help grow your brand.

About the model

There are 8 focus areas, in which we use to help determine the phase a company’s brand is in. We evaluate your focus areas and apply a maturity phase, based on your answer.

Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Brand Assets
Brand & Culture
Brand-Tech Ecosystem
Brand Management Process
Collaboration & Communication
Brand-Related KPIs & Brand Equity